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2013-06-06 12:34 am
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the fuck is this blog
there is enough dust in it to make me develop asthma overnight
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2011-02-13 07:33 pm

Collab project!

So, me and Odie (  are collaborating on a comic that will likely be some slice-of-life fun about Montreal life :') here is her first character idea

Absolutely badly drawn (never said I was any good at drawing 8|) and illegible, but here is the gist of them:
warning: content might be offensive, but it is not intentional and due entirely to ignorance. all of this will either be scrapped or modified to hell and back )
THESE TWO ARE ROOMATES. Martin, not having enough money thanks to the writer job not being that great, posts (despite *gulp* his pride) an announcement on craigslist looking for a possible roomate. Roseane, having just gone out of her last shitty lodging, takes it up. They live in Cote-des-Neiges  (the neighborhood), and crazy times ensue.
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2010-06-28 01:20 am


Title: Another clichéd plot device
Introduction to Shelly, Jack and Oliver's characters.
Summary: Two guys, one bad attempt at an eerie atmosphere.  I WROTE THIS AGES AGO FOR NaNoWriMo IDK 

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2010-06-18 01:33 am

cocks WIP

here comes another reference post

this time for characters


what a jerk oliver )

smith your own boring nature is making you fall asleep )

Name: Chelsea "Shelly" Dorado
Age: 14 to 16
Height: about j.smith's height
Corpulence: Overweight, not obese but with quite the chub
Skin: brown
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Long to the waist, black, cut straight, center-parted

Clothes: Everyday teenager-at-highschool clothes, with a special affection for spaghetti strap tank tops and the colour gold. Hey, a fashionista got to have some habits. Not ashamed to show off her body; hey, that suburban world definitely resides in the realm of warm climates.

Personality: Regina George knows everything about everyone. Except not. She is a generally average teenager, both by stereotypes and ocially by being extremely laid-back and therefore pretty open to everybody, with however a knack for long hours of watching TV shows on her own. Said TV show-watching made her have an acute sense of what is stereotyped and what is not. Should have a sociology PhD by now with all the self-reflecting she's done.
Warm-hearted, laid-back, with a dry sense of humor, she has however the tendency to detach herself from emotions. She'd dismiss a broken heart as a plot device.

Past/Background: One of the few with two parents in a loving relationship. Her father is a sweet but slightly fickle mechanic, prone to partying. Her mother is a writer, and not any kind of writer. She loves writing fantasy novels destined to teenagers; a bit outworldy, she's pretty much stuck in her room imagining dramatic teenage romance or stories about fairies most of the time (shelly often compares J.S to her). Being raised in this kind but slightly lunatic environment, she's become a generally pretty happy person.


damien and miri make a porno )
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2010-06-06 11:26 pm


It is the opposite of the relief he feels when waking up from one of his nightmares, what he feels when he wants to greet the warm sun soothing his subconscious.
No, this time that fucker is probably peering through dull, grey blinds and is telling him to snap out of it. A million questions arise in his head and fade back almost instantly as he slowly takes awareness of his surroundings, especially the somewhat uncomfortable position he's in.
Ow. Is something hard digging into his arm? He opens his eyes and realizes that yes, genius, it's the desk's edge you're sleeping on, no wonder you feel like you broke something.
Couldn't he just shift a little and go back to sleep then? Oh Hell no. He first has to know where the fuck he is right now since that place is certainly not his bed back home.
He's feeling groggy. He's in an office, which looks just as dusty and morose even in the brightest hours of the morning. It is therefore why he's definitely refusing to come back to the real world.
Tell me we didn't.
Then everything starts to hurt. With a groan of frustration, he tries to stand up and almost trips on a pair of trousers lying on the floor. There is drool on his cheek and the taste of something that definitely isn't--
Jump. Try a good Kickstart. He has to get out of here.

but for my intellectual ability 100 words is substantial

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2010-04-18 09:09 pm

y f'ra pas long feu ton char, tsé

herpes )

So, who is who exactly? Secondary characters, or main ones? Still not sure. All that is known is that they are Damien and Miri make a porno and that they're in for a bumpy ride.

Miri is a  polynesian girl who might just as well be from outer space. She likes going on adventures or something and wants to move from a very warm coastal, borderline desertic land to the very wild world of suburbs.
Damien is some surfer dude with a greek nose. He does not like going on adventures but some super secret thing and a never-so-secret woman keep on dragging him in. Might post some actual sketches but warning I DON'T DRAW BEYOND SLIGHTLY MORE ENDOWED STICK FIGURES  LOL.


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2009-05-17 09:20 pm
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