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Collab project!

So, me and Odie (  are collaborating on a comic that will likely be some slice-of-life fun about Montreal life :') here is her first character idea

Absolutely badly drawn (never said I was any good at drawing 8|) and illegible, but here is the gist of them:
  • Age 30
  • Native American (Cree, tribe to be determined considering its huge impact in what would be her backstory)
  • Occupation: pretty much everything, lately focusing on volunteer work and customer service if possible
  • Martial arts aficionado  (said martial arts to be determined)
  • Left her reserve as a teen after a rather disastrous family feud, and lived on the edge of survival on the road for two years. Came to montreal at 19, lived in a  "logement social" for a LONG while
  • The reason why? Let's say she had a very hard time  learning the french language and finding a job outside the neighborhood she found shelter in.
  • She has, however a boner for the french language.
  • The reason why she had a hard time learning is because of her native language and english already being very present, and the fact that she's just...not very good at languages.
  • Wannabe social worker. Now that she has more or less a legal status and speaks okay french (NTS: RESEARCH ON ALL THE PAPERWORK ABOUT FIRST NATIONS AND WORKING STATUSES OH  MY GOD), she wants to take a shot at a Social Working Certificate, and it would be pretty swell if it was at UQAM or Concordia (UdeM's too big, and McGill's too expensive). She has a lot of (some legal, some not) small jobs experience, education-wise she...will need something. May take up night classes in EVERYTHING EVER.
  • Rough and tough with a heart of gold, thus her ambition as a social worker. She's pretty actually, REALLY dense and WILL be awful at comforting people. Overly physical with people, will punch you a little too hard in the shoulder and will say something that is not tactful enough.
  • Decent cook, especially with rather unexpected ingredients! Hey, you have to make with what you have...
  • LOVES hockey more than your average Montrealer. Will be on yo couch, with yo beer, shouting louder than you. If not on your couch, next to the Bell Center.
  • Name: Martin Ouellet
  • Age: 28
  • Overweight? Yes. Bald? By choice. Really not pretty, but he's kind of asexual so it doesn't bother him that much.
  • from either Repentigny or L'Assomption. Estranged from his family because he left the 450 zone for LA GRANDE OSTIE D'VILLE.
  • Writes for Voir on occasion as a gastronomy chronicler.
  • Why? Well, the guy is a decent (read there: genius) writer and knows pretty much every quiet bar/restaurant in town. QUIET ones, because he hates the action. However, he will include more hip places to get more chances of having his articles published (NTS: RESEARCH ON THAT JOB AT VOIR BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING STUPID FFS)
  • Class act. Just. Class. Dress shirts and fine wine-tasting and martinis with pompus names and classic rock and classical music and kind of a snob.
  • Or an old man in a 28 year old's body.
  • Not all of this is quite authentic though. good liar. actually, has a big problem in the honesty department.
  • Well,  he does really like the music and dress shirts and alcohol with fancy names.
  • His dark secret? He hates gastronomy. His favourite food is greasy chicken wings. Only reason why he's into it is because his family was totally in his environment and guy knows his shit. He's not that great of a cook either.
  • To him, american football > hockey. OH SNAP.
  • Reading glasses
  • Generally a good-natured, mature and peaceful guy who doesn't bring that much trouble...or does he?
THESE TWO ARE ROOMATES. Martin, not having enough money thanks to the writer job not being that great, posts (despite *gulp* his pride) an announcement on craigslist looking for a possible roomate. Roseane, having just gone out of her last shitty lodging, takes it up. They live in Cote-des-Neiges  (the neighborhood), and crazy times ensue.