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cocks WIP

here comes another reference post

this time for characters


Name: Oliver Green
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: average-to-tall...somewhat lanky but broad shoulders still. around the 1m.78-ish?
Weight: skinny bitch
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Auburn. short, borderline military cut.
General traits: Long face, long but narrow nose.
Marks: birth mark on his right cheek that looks like he has a permanently messy face :'|
Clothes: stupid. often wears a grey hooded shirt with an all-purpose tie that is of a material that really shouldn't be used as a tie. baggy trousers. looks like a beggar with fancy shoes more than anything.

personality or something: He doesn't talk a lot. Short, clipped sentences, it's as if he can't grasp english at all.
Grumpy jerk who is more than happy being on his own. Loves climbing and wandering, which are pretty much his main goals in life. kind of estranged from society, his fault really since he's socially um, lacking.
Despite a lanky, generally elongated build, he's quite physically efficient.
Takes long, LONG walks along the hills and mountains that last for days. has a fear of birds and a big competition spirit...which might cause his fear of birds because whenever he's climbing he's like THESE FUCKERS GO HIGHER THAN ME I HATE YOUR WINGS DON'T GO ON MY FACE I HATE YOU.

Past: NOT SURE YET. has always been a quiet child. but spending too much time frolicking in the woods and less time with other children made him kind of awkward. from awkward he became a dick. has a neutral, kind of unloving relationship with his parents, who are both alive, a feat at the time.
Considered a bit of a mystery by people his age.

Name: Jack Smith
Age: 14 to 16 idek
Gender: male
Height: 1m67
Corpulence: Average to skinny. the kind of person that is thin because they don't eat neither move.
Skin: pale, terrible dark circles for a teen his age. round face.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown, short, messy spiky mop of horrors
Clothes: Bo-freaking-ring. black t-shirt and jeans. sneakers. said to have borderline all the same outfit in ALL OF HIS WARDROBE, like a cartoon character

personality or something: So there's more to that Smith kid that meets the eye. Because not much is meeting the eye, really, he's kind of the background type of character who sleeps at the back of the class and never gets noticed. Only gets bothered by the local anarchists, who for some reason hold a tolerance/respect for him. Teen geek without the acne, he absolutely loves comics. A definite night owl, he spends night time geeking about them with one of his much older friends called Edna, before their fallout. 
He's a dreamer, with a very vivid imagination and could make up the wildest, craziest scenarios in his mind; a good schemer and liar somewhat despite himself. He speaks and acts as if he was always tired, and is kind of awkward at school in his own way. Not very agreeable at first, he then acts out a long play of indifference towards people he knows better and then maybe, somewhat likes and trusts them after.

Past/Background: His parents are divorced. His mother is an ambitious woman ready for anything (really, *Anything*) to achieve the career of her dreams, and leaves her son out a bit in the process. Bored out of his mind, said son gradually detaches himself from real life and becomes this lazy butt of a teenager who reads comics.

Name: Chelsea "Shelly" Dorado
Age: 14 to 16
Height: about j.smith's height
Corpulence: Overweight, not obese but with quite the chub
Skin: brown
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Long to the waist, black, cut straight, center-parted

Clothes: Everyday teenager-at-highschool clothes, with a special affection for spaghetti strap tank tops and the colour gold. Hey, a fashionista got to have some habits. Not ashamed to show off her body; hey, that suburban world definitely resides in the realm of warm climates.

Personality: Regina George knows everything about everyone. Except not. She is a generally average teenager, both by stereotypes and ocially by being extremely laid-back and therefore pretty open to everybody, with however a knack for long hours of watching TV shows on her own. Said TV show-watching made her have an acute sense of what is stereotyped and what is not. Should have a sociology PhD by now with all the self-reflecting she's done.
Warm-hearted, laid-back, with a dry sense of humor, she has however the tendency to detach herself from emotions. She'd dismiss a broken heart as a plot device.

Past/Background: One of the few with two parents in a loving relationship. Her father is a sweet but slightly fickle mechanic, prone to partying. Her mother is a writer, and not any kind of writer. She loves writing fantasy novels destined to teenagers; a bit outworldy, she's pretty much stuck in her room imagining dramatic teenage romance or stories about fairies most of the time (shelly often compares J.S to her). Being raised in this kind but slightly lunatic environment, she's become a generally pretty happy person.


NAME: Miri
WORUDO: The edges of suburbia. Never-ending coast and desert.
Age: her twenties
Gender: Female
Height: short average
Skin colour:medium brown
Eyes:  dark Brown
Hair: Black and frizzy/curly. Tries to cut it short, so it ends up being an afro.
General traits: Clearly mixed origins (were you to compare it to our world's stereotyped traits, it'd be in the Polynesian/Maori range), has large hands and feet that WITHSTOOD.EVERYTHING (she walks barefoot).
Clothes: kinda ragged. Brown and messy t-shirt and torn brown trousers. HEADSCARF
Personality:     Miri, just from what planet are you? She's loud, VERY loud-mouthed, assertive and would be noticed right away if the place she's in right now wasn't some kind of desolate wasteland. Extremely obnoxious, her happy-go-lucky attitude is a front to a darker, crazier state of mind. She talks to herself loudly(a lot) and really doesn't seem to understand human behavior (especially not Damien's).
Background/Past: What past? What background? This is the question this woman asks herself every single day. She feels like she just...appeared as a child, and went on her whole life on her own, surviving from the little life the edge of that world has to offer. She doesn't remember having an origin of any sort (the story being that she was born in the other world and got her earliest memories that weren't acquired skills erased)) and is more than determined to find purpose in her life, thus starting her journey and fucking up her sanity.

Name: Damien
WORUDO: The edge of the suburbia world
Age: his twenties
Gender: male
Height: average; Miri's height
Athletic. Average proportions, he's bulkier than, say, Oliver green but still pretty lean.
Skin colour: Light brown. Or white that saw nothing but the sun since the beginning. a wonder he didn't die from sunburn.
Eyes:    light brown
Hair: blonde; had been light brown in a previous life but uuhh too much sun to handre. medium long, sorta shaggy.
General traits: GREEK NOSE. except that "greek" doesn't mean anything in this world.
Clothes: kind of ragged too, except that he made himself shorter pants a while ago. looks like an awful surfer dude who went through mud and Hell. HEADSCARF.
Personality:     The straight line to Miri's wild scribbles. He's fairly rational and is sort of overwhelmed by her antics. Easily overwhelmed too, as his quick temper tends to get the better of him. Impatient, he is rather desperate to become a perfect survivor and warrior, and while he does not quite understand why he has this drive, he is still angry that he sometimes has a hard time achieving things. A dedicated follower and a (begrudgingly) loyal friend.
Background/Past: Like Miri, he's been stranded in this place since god knows how long. He's made himself a life as well, feeding off the starts of a society and a life around the coasts. Unlike Miri however, it is not uncertainty driving him into their journey. On the contrary, he remembers something, some details here and there from his blurry past, like the way a stick should work by branding it this way. He is not sure he'll ever admit his "memories" to Miri though. (SPOILER HE IS BORN FROM THE VILLAGES OUT WEST IN THE OLD WORLD; he spent a longer while there than Miri, and a technical dysfunction managed to save a few of his memories)