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here comes another reference post

this time for characters


what a jerk oliver )

smith your own boring nature is making you fall asleep )

Name: Chelsea "Shelly" Dorado
Age: 14 to 16
Height: about j.smith's height
Corpulence: Overweight, not obese but with quite the chub
Skin: brown
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Long to the waist, black, cut straight, center-parted

Clothes: Everyday teenager-at-highschool clothes, with a special affection for spaghetti strap tank tops and the colour gold. Hey, a fashionista got to have some habits. Not ashamed to show off her body; hey, that suburban world definitely resides in the realm of warm climates.

Personality: Regina George knows everything about everyone. Except not. She is a generally average teenager, both by stereotypes and ocially by being extremely laid-back and therefore pretty open to everybody, with however a knack for long hours of watching TV shows on her own. Said TV show-watching made her have an acute sense of what is stereotyped and what is not. Should have a sociology PhD by now with all the self-reflecting she's done.
Warm-hearted, laid-back, with a dry sense of humor, she has however the tendency to detach herself from emotions. She'd dismiss a broken heart as a plot device.

Past/Background: One of the few with two parents in a loving relationship. Her father is a sweet but slightly fickle mechanic, prone to partying. Her mother is a writer, and not any kind of writer. She loves writing fantasy novels destined to teenagers; a bit outworldy, she's pretty much stuck in her room imagining dramatic teenage romance or stories about fairies most of the time (shelly often compares J.S to her). Being raised in this kind but slightly lunatic environment, she's become a generally pretty happy person.


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